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Wednesday, 29 October 2008

About oral sx

As is well known penis is often taken in daily use to call men's dignity. Men, his love of course, proud of them, respectively, appreciate those women and girls who turn to him with their loved ones and beloved member of a very dignified. And, therefore, not correct to do umeya minet - woman or girl will always remain a loser and a man in a woman will not see obyaekta sexual demands.

Do not think that it is so simple that you all umeesh and nature of all tell you herself. In fact minet - oral sex - a complex sexual reception, and requires knowledge and skills, and quite practical experience. Of course, much can be achieved through practical pilot. But who will give a guarantee that your man will substitute a treasure under your student has not experienced companies and patiently waiting to transfer the pain and unpleasant ochuscheniya until you usovershenstvuesh sexual skill? In addition, many are not very intelligent girl believe that they know how best to do minet, lezhi, they say, and did not jump, I will do everything itself as needed. It is only once to make unpleasant man in his penis and the man is hardly more confidence next time to touch his treasure.

All the matter is that few of the girls asked ourselves: how a man sees oral sex? How do minet that, like a man. And very few who understand that a man gets an idea of how it should do minet, mainly from porn and pornozhurnalov, and another - stories from my friends! There is also their personal experiences, which are usually opposed to what they see in movies or hear from zavravshihsya friends.

Before we begin our obuschenie, this article is not for those women and girls who do not accept oral sex, or who believe that he took his penis in his mouth favorite male and making him minet - make him a great favor. Not for those who are squeamishness, or sees in this act that is humiliating for themselves, Sex - it is great fun, and it can be seen only as a package, to the mutual satisfaction of both partners.

Rare man from the beginning would allow a girl to do a minet blind, that is otdatsya maloznakomoy woman and closes his eyes, predvkushaya a lot of fun. Instead, the man will do everything to see the entire process from the beginning until you trust and make sure that you really deal with these important and responsible task. Besides looking at the process - it excites him greatly. And if you during mineta closed his eyes all the time - this is his stare and cause a lot of questions.
Basics of oral sex

Engineering oral sex should be diverse. Affection before coitus does not have to be very intense, and more draznyaschimi, playful and razzadorivayuschimi, there is nothing rib man stronger than lizhuschee movement language: all along the stem member poschekotat language bridle, describe several quarters of kantiku head, cut a hole in the tongue tip mocheispuskatelnogo channel, bridle again, down the trunk, gentle polizyvanie his testicles. Keep in mind that porn is usually all too exaggerated, and if you treat your partner with minete, working as a pump, rhythmically sharp, often tightly compressed lips - he was either very quickly over, or fear your rudeness. In fact: continue the rapid motion of the lips and tongue when minete after the release of sperm - for a special sex films, unrelated to real sex life. But gentle polizyvaniya language and very soft, gentle touch lips, calm warm breath on the head member, could lead to re-erection - and much faster than the man he expects it!

Potreniruysya good to hide your teeth, turn their lips, stretch elongated lips strong enough to not let God does not tear and not hurt soft tissue man! From maltreatment man scares and literally tsepeneet. It then you not only podpustit will wince, remembering how these lovely little Zubkov did not defeat his male dignity.
deep throat

And a couple of words on the popular and cherished deep throat. Why then swallowing shivery delight of male flesh gives ladies only slightly in porno films. And you worse than them? All the more so for men - the highest pilotage on his feelings and evaluation of your sexual skill. To begin, you should be comfortable, bearing arms and legs is the maximum that you can relax the throat and neck freely rotate where you want. Or stand over a man lying on his back, forming a right angle with your body or lyag to bed, overhang head, and he will be let in front of you on your knees. The main thing is that all you can manage and control. And sure to relax your throat! It's really that simple. I still do not know any girl who would not mastered it. Train relax neck outside sex, you need to learn not to suppress the natural vomiting reflex, and try to expand the throat so that the urge was not. Donate your mouth is not very widespread. Pull the language, feel the stress tonsillitis? Give a wide variety of sounds, sound like a variety of traffic at his throat, and now moving learn the language and neck without sound. Then, without stretched language, and he is fully closed mouth. Remember: Member, even when a firm - still soft and flexible enough. According to this training to suit at Banana not yield the proper result, but on the contrary, reinforce your fear of rvotnymi the urge and self-doubt. When are you going to put their first experiment on a man - above all not to make quick and sudden movements. Very smooth, top - down. A little deeper. There is not one? Do not hurry, do not Go, wait for their domestic preparedness. And when a member skolznet deep into the throat, are not afraid and does not stop the head of Gland, miss him as far as possible, otherwise will schekotno and throat necessarily known to decrease your reflex.

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